"The Shellcode Lab" is a training course run at Black Hat USA and Hack In The Box Malaysia

Students are provided with a “Virtual Shellcode Development Environment” that is designed to enable shellcode development across multiple platforms. Students will learn how to write shellcode for Linux, Mac 64-bit OSX and Windows.

The course covers everything from the basic assembly and memory management, through to developing shellcode such as command execution, dynamic shellcode, port bind, shellcode networking, egg hunter, and will also learn about staged-loading and kernel level shellcode.

Students will also learn how to integrate their shellcode into standalone public exploits, as well as create Metasploit shellcode modules so that their shellcode is available to hundreds of Metasploit exploits.

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"Project Shellcode" is the knowledge base for all shellcode related resources, including white papers, tutorials, tools, links, assembly code, and of course shellcode.

This allows the community to submit their own shellcode and shellcode related resources to the project so that they are available for others to use and learn from, as well as allowing them to extend their own knowledge and skills by gaining access to new materials and previously unreleased shellcode. This also allows a bridge to be created that enables those new to shellcoding to use the resources at hand to advance their skills so that they too can contribute their own work as they progress.

So create yourself an account now and join the Project Shellcode Community.

Reverse DNS Tunneling Shellcode Overview

What is Reverse DNS Tunneling Shellcode?

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