Hostgator vs Dreamhost 2019

With nearly every Hostgator vs. Dreamhost review giving a biased comparison of the two, it almost impossible to get the right value for your money. They’ll recommend a particular hosting provider, knowing too well that they are doing so to convince you to buy through their links without providing value. You can, however, trust us to offer a detailed and unbiased review.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

With that said, let’s get started.

  1. Performance: Uptime and Reliability

Hostgator runs on dual Xeon E5520 servers located in their Dallas data center, while Dreamhost runs on powerful Intel and AMD processors. And while both are known to provide the best performance, this mostly boils down to how reliable their uptime is.

Hostgator averages an astonishing 99.99% uptime throughout the month. This, ideally, is above the industry average and better than the alleged 100% Dreamhost offers. Whether you choose to perform their uptime tests on your own or check through reviews from their customers, you will notice that both have nearly identical uptimes.

The differences and the reason why Hostgator wins here:

Hostgator boasts a better response time and page speed score – 170 seconds, unlike Dreamhost’s 239 seconds. On Speed test using Pingdom speed testing tool, again Hostgator took less than a second, compared to 1.25 seconds of Dreamhost. Finally, Hostgator gives a 45-day money back guarantee, unlike the humongous 97 day full money-back guarantee of Dreamhost.

  1. Customer support

While both offer round-the-clock support, Hostgator’s Customer Support beats that of Dreamhost hands down. With Hostgator, you can choose between phoning them, using live chat, emailing or using the ticketing system. In fact, you will need a maximum of five minutes before your issue is sorted altogether.

Contrastingly, this is where Dreamhost fails terribly. They offer no telephone support, and you can only rely on their customer staff to call you back, at a cost. Their standard communication method is email, and this isn’t as effective as live calls. At this stage, it’s clear that Hostgator wins.

  1. Features and Pricing

With Hostgator, you can choose one of the three shared hosting plans. With Hatchling Plan (the cheapest), you only pay a paltry $3.45/month for one domain and still get premium perks, though a 3-year option comes with a huge discount. Additionally they offer 1 cent hosting with this hostgator coupon january 2019 code.

The most expensive in Hostgator is $5.95/month, though Basic plan costs $4.95/month, which is still lower than the $7.95/month one can pay for a 3-year plan on Dreamhost. If you choose a year’s plan, you’ll pay $10.95/month. With that said, it is clear that Hostgator is, once again, comes on top.

  1. Control Panel

Both hosting provider’s cPanels are quite user-friendly, though Hostgator’s 1-click installer is a game-changer. With Hostgator, users are taken through everything using video tutorials, which make everything a lot straightforward. However, despite the bespoke cPanel (called “web panel”) of Dreamhost, it is still technical and a bit complex to use.

Verdict – who wins?

At this point, even Dreamhost’s 97-day money-back guarantee is nothing, compared to Hostgator’s awesome features and benefits. As someone who requires honest assistance, don’t give Hostgator a second thought. Clearly, it is the winner and thus worth your bucks!

Invisible Browsing VPN Coupons 2017

Invisible Browsing VPN (IBVPN) is a VPN provider based in Romania. Started in 2003, IBVPN has grown to be one of the cheapest VPN providers today. It is popular for its simple software and support of Bit-torrent, P2P data transfer, gaming and high-speed streaming such as Netflix. Its military grade encryption and amazing features for online security and privacy are very convenient for modern internet access. If you want to understand IBVPN’s features and benefits properly, just get the free trial and open the doors to great opportunities.

invisible browsing vpn

Invisible Browsing VPN Coupons You can benefit from IBVPN’s biggest discounts by activating its various coupon codes available on the official website or elsewhere. However, you always have to be on the lookout to take advantage of these codes whenever they are released.

Both new members and existing customers can access various discounts and promo codes to make their memberships cheaper. For instance, if you are already a member and you want to upgrade to another package, you can do so using the coupon code provided. You can then contact the customer care representative to request for an extension of your subscription. The customer service is king in IBVPN, and you can’t go wrong at all. Your ticket will always be answered in time. Alternatively, a customer can still keep the current package but still benefit from the promo code. In this case, the customer requests for the same package using the coupon code provided or the one available on the official website. The customer can then request for an account extension. The request is granted promptly.

New customers are not left behind. If you are a new customer who has used the trial version and wants to upgrade to active service, you can do so using the promo code provided. First, you are required to ensure that you test the desired package to ascertain that it meets all your requirements. Once you are sure, place an order for your desired package. Apply the coupon code provided and contact the sales agent. Request for an account extension and there you go.

There is a wide variety of promo codes that Invisible Browsing VPN uses to make its subscriptions cheaper. These codes are available at specified times, and account holders are always advised to be on the lookout. For instance, there are times when IBVPN offers special coupon codes like during its five-year anniversary, Christmas and other occasions. These coupons are redeemable by account holders, and they make internet access a real bargain.

Summary Given IBVPN’s great features, reasonable pricing, and amazing coupon codes, it is crystal clear that this is a high-end VPN provider. No wonder its rating by many users is 5*/5. We are living in tough economic times, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get VPN services when Invisible Browsing VPN can make these services available to you at prices that do not break your wallet. IBVPN is indeed one of the few VPN providers who offer the lowest rates for high-quality VPN services. Try it out yourself and thank me later.

IPVanish Reviews 2017

Are you looking for a VPN that lets you enjoy quick downloads, streaming and browsing without leaking your IP address? Although using a VPN service is the first step towards keeping your IP address anonymous and hidden, some apps do not offer peace of mind. However, with the IPVanish, you will not have to worry about onlookers tracking your activities thanks to their logless encrypted VPN that lets you access censored media and popular websites without restriction. In addition to keeping your online activities safe and secure, IPVanish also helps stop ISP throttling for improved entertainment and prevent hacking while using public Wi-FI. Today, a VPN that only keeps your IP address anonymous no longer qualifies as a top VPN. In this IPVanish review, we look at features and strengths that make IPVAnish one of the best VPN in the market.


Why Use IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish understands that today’s internet users visit various online platforms for more than browsing and entertainment. Its VPN service is highly encrypted to suit the needs of a wide range of internet users including those looking to bypass web-restrictions, travelers that would like to access data as if they are still in their country, online banking users worried about hacking, gamers, and public Wi-Fi users. The IPVanish high connectivity speeds and secure connections, as well as competitive pricing in a state of the art VPN network platform with over 40000 IPs and over 700 servers in over 60 countries, make the VPN app the best solution for those looking to surf anonymously in any corner of the world.

Another reason why IPVanish stands out among its competitors is the convenience it offers to families and friends around the globe by supporting internet communication. IPVanish helps lower the cost of VOIP calling by providing a worldwide network of secure servers that you can use to make your call appear local keeping you away from the exorbitant international calls. In addition to helping lower the cost of calling, IPVanish ensures that your communication is safe and secure by encrypting your video and voice conversations. The VPN uses a 256-bit encryption that is capable of withstanding a brute force attack.

IPVanish also offers different types of connections including point-to-point tunneling protocol option, layer 2-tunneling protocol, and assorted protocols. Point-to-point Tunneling protocol (PPTP)is suitable for low-risk speed intensive browsing like video streaming while Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is suitable for mobile devices not compatible with OpenVPN protocol. Another important feature worth mentioning in this IPVanish review is the VPN connection types that include additional internet protocol security (IPSec) and internet key exchange (IKEv2). Furthermore, IPVanish supports all devices on different operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone, Chromebook, and Routers.

view the latest ipvanish reviews 2017 – fast vpns reviews

IPVanish Pricing and Discounts Review

IPVanish offers its clients with three subscription options that include monthly, annually and every three months. With the IPVanish discounts, the 1-month subscription is available at $10 monthly a 17-percent discount, the three months subscription is available at $8.99 per month billed at $26.99 a 25-percent discount while the 1-year plan is available at $6.49 per month billed at $77.99 a 46-percent discount. All IPVanish packages come with a 7-day money back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. We give a 5/5 rating for IPVanish in this review.


An In-Depth Overview of Hostgator

It was back in 2002 that HostGator was established. They are currently among the leading shared web hosting companies and has been consistently ranked as one of the best by a majority of the review sites. Their customer friendliness and splendid support sets them apart from other hosting companies. In case you receive unsatisfactory support, you can always contact the company’s president Brent Oxley to look into your problem personally.

Best Overview of Hostgator

They went green recently, which perhaps makes them the first mainstream hosting company that has done so. Up to 130% of renewable energy credits of their overall power consumption are purchased by them. This HostGator review provides an in-depth overview of the company.

Review of HostGator Features

Only Linux hosting is offered by them, although they might be starting Windows hosting in the coming future. All the features that a serious website requires are available with all their packages. If you have multiple websites, then you will benefit from the unlimited domains (add on) that is allowed by Swamp and Baby packages. cPanel, which is the finest control panel today, is used by them. The Fantastico script installer is provided and a majority of the renowned open source clicks will be installed by it with just a couple of clicks.

Cron jobs, PHP4 & 5, Python, Ruby On Rails, SSH, etc. are supported by them. Unlimited POP3 accounts are included in all packages apart from Hatchling, which includes 20.

Review of HostGator Performance

Sites are hosted by them on state-of-the-art Dual Xeon servers in their Dalas data centers. Their data centers are connected to ten backbone providers and are well-equipped. The industry standard uptime Guarantee is provided by them, which is 99.9%.

In comparison to other hosts, they have provided the best performance, time and time again. They consistently provide high uptime, each and every month. Generally, sites hosted through them are never down and if they go do, it is merely for a maximum of 10 minutes. Thus, they are indeed living up to their reputation.

Hostgator Price Value

Three hosting packages are available from them, starting from $6.95 (Hatchling) to $14.95 (Swamp). For the bandwidth/space and features provided, the price is affordable. Recently, the bandwidth and space were increased by them to astonishing levels. The price of all plans was also reduced, and twenty-four and thirty-four pre-payment options were introduced. The monthly payment is now a bit more expensive than 12 month rates and has a small set up charge. Their plans are more than adequate for any website that has a reasonable traffic. Thus, their prices are quite fair enough and sufficient resources for a shared web host are provided by them.

Hostgator Support Review

Toll free support around the clock, seven days a week, through the year is offered by them. Additionally, a Knowledge base, Ticket System, tutorials, etc. is also available from them. An active forum also becomes accessible where fixes and solutions to most normal issues can be found. Support tickets are rapid and often they respond in less than a few hours. Thus, it is apparent why HostGator is regarded among the top web hosts out there.

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