Hostgator vs Dreamhost 2019

With nearly every Hostgator vs. Dreamhost review giving a biased comparison of the two, it almost impossible to get the right value for your money. They’ll recommend a particular hosting provider, knowing too well that they are doing so to convince you to buy through their links without providing value. You can, however, trust us to offer a detailed and unbiased review.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

With that said, let’s get started.

  1. Performance: Uptime and Reliability

Hostgator runs on dual Xeon E5520 servers located in their Dallas data center, while Dreamhost runs on powerful Intel and AMD processors. And while both are known to provide the best performance, this mostly boils down to how reliable their uptime is.

Hostgator averages an astonishing 99.99% uptime throughout the month. This, ideally, is above the industry average and better than the alleged 100% Dreamhost offers. Whether you choose to perform their uptime tests on your own or check through reviews from their customers, you will notice that both have nearly identical uptimes.

The differences and the reason why Hostgator wins here:

Hostgator boasts a better response time and page speed score – 170 seconds, unlike Dreamhost’s 239 seconds. On Speed test using Pingdom speed testing tool, again Hostgator took less than a second, compared to 1.25 seconds of Dreamhost. Finally, Hostgator gives a 45-day money back guarantee, unlike the humongous 97 day full money-back guarantee of Dreamhost.

  1. Customer support

While both offer round-the-clock support, Hostgator’s Customer Support beats that of Dreamhost hands down. With Hostgator, you can choose between phoning them, using live chat, emailing or using the ticketing system. In fact, you will need a maximum of five minutes before your issue is sorted altogether.

Contrastingly, this is where Dreamhost fails terribly. They offer no telephone support, and you can only rely on their customer staff to call you back, at a cost. Their standard communication method is email, and this isn’t as effective as live calls. At this stage, it’s clear that Hostgator wins.

  1. Features and Pricing

With Hostgator, you can choose one of the three shared hosting plans. With Hatchling Plan (the cheapest), you only pay a paltry $3.45/month for one domain and still get premium perks, though a 3-year option comes with a huge discount. Additionally they offer 1 cent hosting with this hostgator coupon january 2019 code.

The most expensive in Hostgator is $5.95/month, though Basic plan costs $4.95/month, which is still lower than the $7.95/month one can pay for a 3-year plan on Dreamhost. If you choose a year’s plan, you’ll pay $10.95/month. With that said, it is clear that Hostgator is, once again, comes on top.

  1. Control Panel

Both hosting provider’s cPanels are quite user-friendly, though Hostgator’s 1-click installer is a game-changer. With Hostgator, users are taken through everything using video tutorials, which make everything a lot straightforward. However, despite the bespoke cPanel (called “web panel”) of Dreamhost, it is still technical and a bit complex to use.

Verdict – who wins?

At this point, even Dreamhost’s 97-day money-back guarantee is nothing, compared to Hostgator’s awesome features and benefits. As someone who requires honest assistance, don’t give Hostgator a second thought. Clearly, it is the winner and thus worth your bucks!