IPVanish Reviews 2017

Are you looking for a VPN that lets you enjoy quick downloads, streaming and browsing without leaking your IP address? Although using a VPN service is the first step towards keeping your IP address anonymous and hidden, some apps do not offer peace of mind. However, with the IPVanish, you will not have to worry about onlookers tracking your activities thanks to their logless encrypted VPN that lets you access censored media and popular websites without restriction. In addition to keeping your online activities safe and secure, IPVanish also helps stop ISP throttling for improved entertainment and prevent hacking while using public Wi-FI. Today, a VPN that only keeps your IP address anonymous no longer qualifies as a top VPN. In this IPVanish review, we look at features and strengths that make IPVAnish one of the best VPN in the market.


Why Use IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish understands that today’s internet users visit various online platforms for more than browsing and entertainment. Its VPN service is highly encrypted to suit the needs of a wide range of internet users including those looking to bypass web-restrictions, travelers that would like to access data as if they are still in their country, online banking users worried about hacking, gamers, and public Wi-Fi users. The IPVanish high connectivity speeds and secure connections, as well as competitive pricing in a state of the art VPN network platform with over 40000 IPs and over 700 servers in over 60 countries, make the VPN app the best solution for those looking to surf anonymously in any corner of the world.

Another reason why IPVanish stands out among its competitors is the convenience it offers to families and friends around the globe by supporting internet communication. IPVanish helps lower the cost of VOIP calling by providing a worldwide network of secure servers that you can use to make your call appear local keeping you away from the exorbitant international calls. In addition to helping lower the cost of calling, IPVanish ensures that your communication is safe and secure by encrypting your video and voice conversations. The VPN uses a 256-bit encryption that is capable of withstanding a brute force attack.

IPVanish also offers different types of connections including point-to-point tunneling protocol option, layer 2-tunneling protocol, and assorted protocols. Point-to-point Tunneling protocol (PPTP)is suitable for low-risk speed intensive browsing like video streaming while Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) is suitable for mobile devices not compatible with OpenVPN protocol. Another important feature worth mentioning in this IPVanish review is the VPN connection types that include additional internet protocol security (IPSec) and internet key exchange (IKEv2). Furthermore, IPVanish supports all devices on different operating systems that include Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Ubuntu, Windows Phone, Chromebook, and Routers.

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IPVanish Pricing and Discounts Review

IPVanish offers its clients with three subscription options that include monthly, annually and every three months. With the IPVanish discounts, the 1-month subscription is available at $10 monthly a 17-percent discount, the three months subscription is available at $8.99 per month billed at $26.99 a 25-percent discount while the 1-year plan is available at $6.49 per month billed at $77.99 a 46-percent discount. All IPVanish packages come with a 7-day money back guarantee and unlimited bandwidth. We give a 5/5 rating for IPVanish in this review.

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